A nice Saturday but changes are on the way


Main threats:

No widespread hazardous weather threats in sight.


We’ll see a nice Saturday across the plateau, though you might notice those afternoon temps are a bit warmer than in days past.

By tomorrow, we should see enough heat and humidity to see a few storms across the plateau. It won’t be a washout, by any means, but you should have an indoor back-up plan for any outdoor Father’s Day activities.

Rain and storm chances will be with us every day next week, as it looks like right now. It’s impossible to nail down specific timing for those showers and storms, but you should keep in mind that planning anything outdoors next week could be quite risky.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Many folks believe lightning can never strike the same place twice. This is simply not true. There are times when the Empire State building in New York City, for instance, gets struck multiple times in the same storm.


On this day in 1952 Nashville hit 100 degrees. This is the earliest 100-degree reading in the city’s history.

On this day in 1953 a dust devil caused quite the stir in Prescott, Arizona. Normally, these swirls of dust are harmless, but this one packed a punch! Two young boys became caught up in it and one boy suffered a black eye, while the other had two vertebrae fractured. Wind-blown debris in the dust devil was the culprit for the mayhem!


Forecast_Template (12)

Yesterday’s record high: 90 (1988) The record lows of 1988 have now been replaced with record highs. The high pressure that had brought record cold with north winds had now shifted east. Now, the return, southerly flow on the backside began bringing record warmth. 

Yesterday’s record low: 43 (1985)

Today’s record high: 93 (1994)

Today’s record low: 43 (1955)

Today’s sunset: 7:58

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:23

Today’s day length: 14 hrs 35 mins 31 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 14 hrs 35 mins 46 secs

One year ago today

The high was a very warm 88 degrees and the morning low was a mild 64 degrees. No rain fell.


It was a pleasure to have been job shadowed by Maddie yesterday. I sure hope she learned a lot and that she enjoyed the day as much as I did. I was also honored to have her ask me to come speak at UT Martin next school year! That’s a really good school and I look forward to visiting the campus.

In other news…..

I leave for Florida one week from today!!!! Can you believe how fast this is approaching?!

You all have a great Saturday!


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