A watch being considered for portions of the state

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) is considering issuing a severe t-storm watch for portions of TN for this afternoon/evening (red-circled area). It’s not clear whether or not that watch will include the plateau (more than likely it will not), but I’ll be watching it! The main threat would be damaging wind gusts from pop-up t-storms.

It is important to note that the sunshine we are seeing is only helping to destabilize a very warm and moist atmosphere. It won’t take much to trigger a storm, and any storm that develops could become strong to briefly severe. 

The SPC had this to say about this discussion area they have circled, “A further increase in thunderstorm intensity and organization appears possible through 3-5 PM CDT. This may be accompanied by an increase in severe weather potential, which could require a watch within the next couple of hours.”


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