A cold front approaches, and watching “Barry”


Weather Headline

>Another hot, dry day for most of us

>A cold front will bring the risk for strong storms for Thursday and Thursday night

>Less humid conditions for Friday!

>Monitoring the development of “Barry” in the Gulf and his eventual track/impacts on       our area starting Saturday through early next week.

Main threats

THURSDAY: The Storm Prediction Center has placed the plateau in the marginal risk for severe storms for Thursday and Thursday night. Damaging, straight-line winds would be the main threat.


THIS WEEKEND INTO NEXT WEEK: Monitoring “Barry” and whether or not he will affect our weather the first half of next week.


Most of us will stay dry today, though we certainly can’t rule out an isolated shower or storm across the plateau in the afternoon/evening hours. The better chance of rain arrives tomorrow with a cold front.

That cold front will bring the chance for widespread showers and storms, some of which could be strong or briefly severe. Damaging winds are the main threat, though some small hail is always possible. Always be aware of that lightning threat too.

The good news is that the cold front will bring less humid air into our region for Friday. It will still be hot, but the air will be less humid. That will be some welcome relief!

The forecast gets a bit complicated for the weekend. We’ll have to watch and see what “Barry” does. Right now, some of the models are keeping it well south of us but I wouldn’t be surprised to see our Thursday cold front come back as a warm front on Saturday, in response to the storm. That would certainly increase our storm chances.

Most guidance now suggest a landfall near New Orleans, followed by a northward movement of the storm. This would bring a very good chance for scattered showers and storms for Sunday and Monday. This is something to keep in mind.

As soon as Barry forms, the models will be able to do a much better job forecasting strength and direction of the storm. That may happen as early as today. I’ll keep you posted.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Condensation is a warming process, because water releases heat when it condenses. There is a TON of condensation taking place within a tropical system. That warm air being released is what keeps these systems warm at their core. This warmth also prevents hail from forming. It’s a good thing, right? Can you imagine hailstones flying around in all that wind and rain?


On the morning of July 10, 1961 we woke up to a morning low of 46 degrees! That is the coolest July reading ever recorded in Crossville.

While we remember our coolest July reading on this day, the folks in Death Valley remember their warmest. In fact, on this day in 1913 the hottest temperature ever recorded in North America was measured. By that afternoon, the mercury had soared to 134 degrees at Greenland Ranch, California, located in Death Valley.



Yesterday’s record high: 98 (1988)

Yesterday’s record low: 53 (1961)

Today’s record high: 93 (1988)

Today’s record low: 46 (1961) All time record low for July for Crossville!

Today’s sunset: 7:58

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:32

Today’s day length: 14 hrs 26 mins 31 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 14 hrs 25 mins 33 secs

One year ago today

The high was 85, after a morning low of 66. No rain fell.


There has been extensive flooding reported this morning in New Orleans from clusters of storms that keep dumping rain on the city. There has even been a possible tornado. This flooding is even more disturbing when looking at the latest model data, which wants to send Barry straight to New Orleans. This could be very rough ride for a city that struggles to pump flood waters out during events like this. Even if Barry just remains a tropical storm, the flooding impact is what will be huge. Keep in mind, wind didn’t make the levees fail in Katrina; the water did. To make matters even worse, the Mississippi River is already above flood stage, due to flooding across the Midwest.

Let’s be sure and keep that city close to our hearts this week. I have a feeling you’re going to be seeing them in the news…..a lot.


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