Still watching the tropics for Barry


Weather Headlines

>Hot and mostly dry weather prevails for today and tomorrow.

>A “cold” front will bring an increase in showers and storms for Thursday.

>A return to generally hot and dry weather returns for Friday into the weekend.

>Watching for the development of “Barry” in the Gulf by this weekend.

Main threats

No widespread hazards are in sight, though any storm that develops Thursday could be strong. The Storm Prediction Center currently has the plateau in the marginal risk for severe storms for Thursday.



We’re going to see generally hot and dry conditions for today and tomorrow. We can’t rule out a very isolated afternoon shower or storm, but at least 80-90% of us will stay bone dry and hot.

On Thursday, a cold front begins dropping in from the north. Anytime we have a system like this drop in on us this time of year, with all this heat and humidity, we can easily expect showers and storms to be scattered about. Some of those storms could be on the strong side, but widespread severe weather is not expected.

That front will bring in a bit drier air for Friday and Saturday. Some of the models indicate that a storm or two could form on the plateau either of these days, but that chance is less than 20%, so I left it off the outlook above for now.

By Sunday, southerly flow returns at the surface and that will increase humidity values, especially south of I-40. That will allow for a couple of storms to generate during the heat of the afternoon. Again, most of us will stay dry.

Tropical Storm Barry is still expected to develop in the Gulf by this weekend. At this time, models keep that system far enough to our south to spare us any impact. I’ll keep an eye on it though, as all of that is still many days away.

Pictured below is the threat area for Barry, as outlined by the National Hurricane Center.


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

While the inner eye of a hurricane is generally calm, the bands of storms immediately surrounding the eyewall contain the highest winds and heaviest rainfall. Never focus on the exact forecast track of the eye. The effects of the storm can be felt for hundreds of miles beyond that eye, on either side of the storm.


On this day in 1987 a tornado struck Munising, Michigan. A commercial dog kennel was in the path of the storm and was completely destroyed. One dog was later found in a tree top one half mile away…..unharmed. I bet that dog was glad to see someone come to their rescue!



Yesterday’s record high: 97 (1993)

Yesterday’s record low: 52 (1972)

Today’s record high: 98 (1988)

Today’s record low: 53 (1961)

Today’s sunset: 7:59

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:32

Today’s day length: 14 hrs 27 mins 28 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 14 hrs 26 mins 31 secs

One year ago today

Highs were in the low 80s and lows were in the lower 60s. No rain fell.


I announced this on Facebook yesterday but I’ll let you all know too. A couple of months ago I applied to be a part of the Apollo 11 launch celebration at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville. The offer was only open to fellow NASA Social alumni. I applied, of course, and yesterday I found out I was accepted!

I’ll be heading down there early next week for the celebration on Tuesday (July 16). As part of the festivities, they’ll be setting off 5,000 model rockets at the very moment Apollo 11 launched, 50 years ago. This will set a new Guinness Book of Work Records! (ha)

Afterwards, we get to tour facilities that they tell us many NASA employees have never seen. It should be a very interesting day. I’ve actually never been to Marshall, so that makes it even more exciting!

You all have a great day!


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