11:00 Saturday morning update

A stationary front draped across our area this morning is already setting off some showers and t-storms. Keep an eye on the sky if you have outdoor plans today. As always, watch out for that lightning! These storms will also be capable of very heavy downpours.


The Weather Prediction Center just put this hydrologic outlook out that I thought you all might find interesting. Notice that the heavy rain threat doesn’t completely miss us here on the plateau with Barry. Thankfully, the latest track has Barry tracking over Little Rock, Arkansas, which is awfully far west of us. Unfortunately, Barry is a very large storm and his influence will reach far and wide.

With that center so far to our west, however, we won’t have near the flood concerns that West TN has. They are already under flood watches.  I think many of us will see at least a total of a couple inches of rain by Tuesday, but it depends on how many of these tropical downpours you get at your house. These downpours can put down a LOT of rain in a short period of time.

The one thing you’ll notice most is the enormous amount of warm, humid Gulf air Barry will displace toward our region. Expect very muggy conditions Sunday through at least Wednesday. Those conditions alone will help set off scattered showers and t-storms.


I’ll be keeping an eye on things! You all have a great Saturday!

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