Barry becomes a hurricane

Just as Barry is moving onshore, the Hurricane Hunters found sustained winds of 75 mph, making Barry a hurricane. The storm is moving at a snail’s pace of 6 mph. Throughout the day, the storm will be moving north across Louisiana, bringing very gusty winds and torrential rainfall. Some locations will pick up over two feet of rain.

So far, New Orleans is doing alright. They have a long road ahead of them but the heaviest rain bands are actually to their east this morning, over the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama.

Some good news came last night, when the forecast crest of the Mississippi River was dropped from 20 feet to 17 feet. The flood walls around New Orleans are 20 feet tall.

Let’s hope for more good news but I sure hope they don’t let their guard down.  All this water will be coming down the Mississippi River as this storm moves north.


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