Beautiful here, but are tropical troubles brewing again?


Weather Headlines:

–Beautiful weather in store for the plateau for the next several days

–Watching the Gulf for possible tropical trouble

Main threats

No threats in sight.


We’re enjoying very nice weather these days! I can always tell when the weather has turned nice because the number of people reading my blog drops (ha). They’re missing so much! ha

Expect this nice weather to be with us right on into the weekend. If you’ve been looking for good weather to go camping you have now gotten your wish! Crisp, cool nights and warm, pleasant afternoons are with us through the weekend.

Our next significant system should arrive Tuesday. Another storm system will move in and bring us some scattered showers and storms. Until then, enjoy this break from summer!

And yes, there’s still a LOT of summer left to go……

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Because of the amount of lush vegetation, many folks think that tropical rainforest must have very rich soils. That’s untrue. The heavy amounts of rainfall keep the soils leached out, causing the nutrients in the soil to be diminished or washed away.

This is why “slash and burn” is practiced so heavily in rainforest areas. To grow food to hear, locals have to clear new fields to grow crops quite frequently, due to the poor soils. This leads to even greater reduction in rainforest vegetation.


A July heat wave in 1987 brought record high temperatures to 21 cities in the eastern US. The high of 91 at Beckley, West Virginia was the hottest reading in 25 years of records for that town. Meanwhile, unseasonable cool temperatures plagued the western US, with Bakersfield, California dropping to 60 degrees.

Note in the almanac below that we are breaking record lows these days! Our record low for tomorrow morning is 56 degrees, and it is certainly in jeopardy of being tied or broken. I’d rather be breaking record lows than record highs this time of year, wouldn’t you?



Yesterday’s record high: 93 (1959)

Yesterday’s record low: 59 (1953)

*We broke that record low for yesterday.

Today’s record high: 96 (1993)

Today’s record low: 56* (2008) *We will likely tie or break this record low

Today’s sunset: 7:51

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:42

Today’s day length: 14 hrs 09 mins 21 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 14 hrs 07 mins 50 secs

Also note that we’re now less than 10 inches away from our yearly total of rainfall, and it’s only July.

One year ago today

It was a pleasant day, with an afternoon high of 81 degrees and a morning low of 65. No rainfall was recorded.


My NASA Social story from this summer is in today’s Livingston Enterprise. Check it out if you have access to that paper. It’s suppo

The cold front that we had pass through yesterday has stalled out along the northern Gulf Coast. This could lead to some tropical development over the next few days. I’ll keep an eye on it!


I was asked to pass this along from Hilltoppers, Inc. here in Crossville. I always support this wonderful camp and I hope you will consider helping too. I spoke with them yesterday and they are still $2,000 short of their goal. They’d like to have the money by July 31 (one week from today).

“It is Camp Time in Tennessee! Well at least for those at Hilltoppers, Inc.

Hilltoppers, Inc. plans to have our annual camp at the UT 4-H camp again this August. The camp charges us by person and most of the persons we support live on SSDI/SSA (around $775 per month). With their funds very limited anyway, going to camp at a cost of $150 is hard for some to do. If you are in a place where you could help someone with their camp fees, I (and they) would surely appreciate it! The cost per person is $150.00 of which all goes to the camp, except about $7 for crafts that we provide. Hilltoppers, Inc. must also pay for the fees charged for Staff to eat and stay the night, so it becomes a pretty large burden for us if we don’t have some assistance. If you would like to donate, please do so! Any amount will be helpful. You can mail checks or I can pick it up.”

Hilltoppers Inc. 

Attn: JGreen-Camp Scholarship Fund
151 Sweeney Drive
Crossville, TN 38555

For info on Hilltopper, Inc, please see

You all have a great day!




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