A chance for the gardens to get some water


Weather Headlines

–Tuesday and Wednesday will offer the best chances for showers and storms

–The Yard Sale forecast is looking very summer-like

Main threats

While no widespread hazardous weather is expected, any storm that develops Tuesday or Wednesday could become strong to briefly severe, with damaging winds, frequent lightning, and heavy downpours beings the main threats.


For today, we’ll see hot and humid conditions, along with a slight chance for an afternoon/evening shower or storm.

By tonight, a weak cold front will be approaching and that will provide a chance for showers and storms in the overnight hours. That rain chance continues into Wednesday, as that front just sags very slowly through our area. “Cold” fronts this time of year just don’t have a lot of spunk left in them by the time they reach us.

Once this system clears out Wednesday evening, we’ll just see hot and humid conditions through the weekend. Yard Salers should pack plenty of water and make sure you have easy access to shade and air conditioning. Other than that, just be ready to dodge a shower or storm anywhere along the Tennessee side of things. In other words, this is a very typical summer yard sale forecast (ha).

I will say that most of the guidance keeps us rather dry from Thursday to Sunday. However, there will be greater rain chances to our west. Any deviation in the pattern could put higher rain chances on us for those days. I’ll keep an eye on it!

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Temperature is a measure of how fast molecules are moving. The faster the molecules move, the “hotter” an object tends to be. The slower they move, the colder the object is. That’s how water ice forms. The molecules get so slow from the release of heat that water becomes a solid.

The confusion comes from how molecules act in space. They are moving very quickly, for sure, but there’s not enough of them to generate heat that you can feel on your skin. So, while the temperature may be high, the sensible heat that you would feel will be quite low.


A lightning strike in Vance, Alabama struck a tree on a cattle form on this day in 1981. Fifty cattle, each weighing about 800 pounds, were taking shelter under that tree and were killed when the lightning left the tree and spread out along the ground.



Yesterday’s record high: 99 (1993)

Yesterday’s record low: 53 (1962)

Today’s record high: 93 (1986)

Today’s record low: 53 (2013)

Today’s sunset: 7:47

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:46

Today’s day length: 14 hrs 01 mins 34 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 13 hrs 59 mins 55 secs

One year ago today

It was a nice day! The morning low was a very crisp 58 degrees, and the afternoon high only climbed to 84. No rain fell.


We already have another area of disturbed weather to keep an eye on in the Atlantic. Right now, the chance of development is slim, but considering where it’s headed, it’s something to keep an eye on. I’ll be doing just that!

two_atl_5d0 (1)

The Bigfoot conference in Gatlinburg this week was quite interesting, to say the least. We sure heard some stories! (haha) Seriously, if you have any interest in the subject you should check it out. I’m sure they’ll have it again next year. It was a sold-out crowd! Meanwhile, keep squatching! 🙂

Pictured below is me and the only friend I could think of that I could talk into going with me to this (haha). At one point, near the very beginning, Matilda looks over at me and asks, “Have you brought me to join a cult?” I just said, “It is concerning how easy it was to talk you into this.” LOL We had a great time and it was certainly an adventure I won’t soon forget!

67797637_10161960292535585_7632360393427386368_n (1)

You all have a great day!


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