Chance of storms and watching the tropics again


Weather Headlines

–Scattered showers and storms for today and tomorrow

–Hot & humid, with isolated (mainly afternoon) storms expected through the yard sales.

–Another weak system arrives Sunday with slightly better rain chances

–Watching the tropics (see Tropics section below)

Main threats

TODAY & WEDNESDAY: Any storm that develops could become strong, with heavy rainfall, frequent lightning, and gusty winds.


We’ll see a weak frontal boundary move our way today. With so much heat and humidity around, this front could be just enough to set off some showers and storms for some of us. Not all of us will see rain, but the ones who do could see some heavy downpours and frequent lightning.

On Wednesday, the front sags across our area and tries to push south. Once again, this will likely set off some scattered showers and storms.

The boundary pushes just south of us for the rest of the forecast period. There will be enough heat and humidity to leave a chance for an afternoon shower or storm. It just wouldn’t be a summer yard sale forecast without a chance for a storm, right?

Our next weak frontal system may try to push in for Sunday, leading to a bit of an uptick in rain chances.

Tropics (time to bring back this section!)

The tropics are looking a bit more active today! The threats aren’t all that great at this time, but this is certainly the time of year when we have to keep an eye on everything.

As of this morning, there are two threat areas to monitor over the next five days. I should reiterate that there are no immediate threats to the US. Anyone with cruises planned over the next week or two should keep an eye on this, however, as well as anyone with beach plans to the Southeast coast.

two_atl_5d0 (2)

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Since this is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, I thought I’d share some weather and shark facts.

Sharks have been observed moving to deeper waters when a tropical storm approaches. The deeper waters would protect the sharks from rough waves, etc. that would be found in shallow waters.

In 2001, young Blacktip sharks at Mote Marine Laboratory fled the shark nursery and went to deeper waters just hours before a tropical storm arrived. As soon as the storm had passed, the Blacktips came back to the nursery. That was the only time the sharks ever left the nursery. The sharks likely sensing a drop in barometric pressure, which signaled them to seek safer waters.


It had been nearly ten years since the city of Nashville had recorded a high temperature that was higher than 100 degrees. On this day in 1999 that changed when the city hit 101 degrees.

A 40-minute hailstorm hit the town of Fort Collins, Colorado on this day in 1979. Softball and baseball-sized hail pummeled automobiles and homes. Twenty-five people were injured, mainly from hits to the head by hailstones.



Yesterday’s record high: 93 (1986)

Yesterday’s record low: 53 (2013)

Today’s record high: 93 (1954)

Today’s record low: 51 (2014)

Today’s sunset: 7:46

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:47

Today’s day length: 13 hrs 59 mins 55 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 13 hrs 58 mins 16 secs

One year ago today

The high temperature was 83 degrees, after a morning low of 62. Only a small bit of rain was recorded (0.02″).


History was made in the United Kingdom last week, but it’s not exactly something Brits are excited about. The city of Cambridge recorded a high temperature of 101.7 degrees last Thursday. That is the highest temperature ever officially recorded in the United Kingdom, since records began.

To make matters worse, most people don’t have air conditioning there because it’s not something you need enough to have.

Earlier this summer, Anchorage, Alaska recorded their hottest temperature on record when that city hit 90 degrees on July 4th.

You all have a great day!



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