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Latest Update on Hurricane Dorian

The 4:00 update is out and Hurricane Dorian remains a category 1 hurricane, with winds of 85 mph. The storm has struggled to strengthen today, due to some wind shear. That shear should relax tonight, as the storm moves over very warm waters. This should lead to intensification, some of which could be rapid. It should be noted that we expected this last night too.

The storm continues to have Florida in its sights and landfall is expected on Labor Day.

The National Hurricane Center continues to believe that Dorian could be as strong as a category 4 hurricane at landfall. Note that this track could change and it’s still not out of the question that Dorian could just get close to the coast but curve north before making landfall on Florida. That’s just one of many scenarios.


Hurricane Hunters are on their way out to investigate the storm this evening. If they find a stronger storm I’ll pass that along. The next big update comes out at 10:00 p.m.

The NWS has ordered that all weather balloon launch sites along the east coast, up to the Mid-Atlantic, start releasing balloons every 6 hours to gather more atmospheric data for the models. Normally, the balloons get released every 12 hours.

Pictured below is Dorian. The storm has looks impressive today and should become even more impressive overnight. Tropical systems tend to strengthen at night. I’ll explain why in a later blog update tonight.


You all have a great evening!


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