Hurricane Dorian is now a major hurricane

Hurricane Hunters have found maximum sustained winds of 115 mph within Dorian. This makes her a very dangerous cat 3 hurricane. The forecast landfall remains unchanged, having the storm move ashore due east of Lake Okeechobee in southern Florida. The storm is then expected to turn north, bringing hurricane conditions to all of central Florida. Landfall is expected late Monday night/Tuesday morning.

Keep in mind that the most powerful part of the storm is the right front quadrant of the eyewall. Where this comes ashore is where the most catastrophic damage will occur.


Dorian continues to look healthy on satellite this afternoon. (28)

A very well-defined eye continues to take shape. There appears to be nothing preventing the storm from growing even stronger.


I’ll also include this reminder of hurricane categories. Dorian is expected to be a cat 4 hurricane when she makes landfall.


The next complete advisory comes out at 4:00 pm. I’ll keep you posted!



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