NHC 10:00 update on Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is finally forming a clearer eye. The satellite presentation is really starting to improve! The storm maintains winds of 110 mph, but is about to move into an environment that should favor intensification, possibly rapid intensification.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (26)

Even the latest still image looks impressive.


The National Hurricane Center continues to think that the storm will max out in about 72 hours, as a major cat 4 hurricane, with winds of 140 mph. Even they acknowledge that winds could become higher than that. Let’s hope not.

The storm’s forecast path takes it into south Florida by late Monday night. A hurricane watch has already been issued for the Bahamas.


I’ll keep you all posted! The next advisory comes out at 2:00.

You all have a great Friday!



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