A new record high temp for October likely to be set


Weather Headlines

–Record heat continues for the next few days

–The plateau will likely record the hottest October temperature on record this week

–A relief from the heat is coming the end of this week

–Best chance of rain comes Sunday to Monday, with another cold front

Main threats

Just be safe in that heat, folks.



This relentless heat will continue through Thursday. Then, the pattern changes!

A cold front will sweep through Thursday evening and drop our temps down to much more comfortable levels. The best news with that front is that it will bring us lower humidity levels. Unfortunately, this front will be a dry one.

This pattern will help make for a beautiful Friday and Saturday. Friday at the Crossroads is looking great! The Allardt Pumpkin Festival on Saturday is looking pretty darn good, too!

Then, another cold front begins moving in on Sunday. This will bring us a decent chance of rain (thank goodness!). It’s not a guarantee rain for all of us, but hopefully most of us will see something.

Next week’s temperatures are looking more fall-like.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



The Mississippi Delta Region was hit by their second hurricane of the 1893 hurricane season. More than 1,000 people drowned in the flooding.

It was a wild weather day in Minnesota on this day in 1987. An extremely strong, arctic cold front charged into the state from the north. The cold front carried strong storms and hail. Northerly winds up to 70 mph caused temperatures to absolutely plummet behind that cold front. The hail didn’t even have time to melt before snow began pouring down! This left the the streets of Duluth, Minnesota covered in both snow and hail!


The tropics are looking a bit more interesting this morning. While Hurricane Lorenzo spins off to the north, we now have two other areas to monitor. They don’t look too serious at this point, but the one moving toward the Gulf of Mexico is something to monitor. These areas are highlighted in yellow on the map below.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Blue Norther

A fast-moving cold front hat causes temperatures to drop dramatically and quickly. These fronts are often accompanied by a very dark blue-black sky, strong winds, and temperatures that plummet 20-30 degrees in a matter of minutes.


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Blue Northers can make for incredible weather tales. Such a front blew into the southern plains on November 12, 1911. The temperature in Denton, Texas was 85 degrees at 5:00 that Saturday evening. By 6:00, the temperature started dropping. By daybreak Sunday, they were 22 degrees, a temperature drop of 63 degrees in only 12 hours! Whole herds of cattle froze to death.

As the front moved through, many areas across the southern plains dealt with severe weather and tornadoes on that Saturday. By Sunday, a blizzard was raging. In fact, an F-4 tornado devastated Rock County, Wisconsin with the front passing through. Within an hour, they were experiencing blizzard conditions!

NASA Knowledge

Did you know the Moon is gradually shrinking? It’s true! And as that shrinkage takes place, the moon trembles with moonquakes, which are the equivalent of earthquakes. It’s much like a grape that shrivels up. The big difference is that the grape is flexible and the moon is not. Therefore, the moon “breaks” at certain points and that leads to a moonquake.

Thankfully, the moon is shrinking very, very slowly. It’s only shrank about 150 feet over the past several hundred million years.

Like on Earth, most of the quakes are small. However, some have been as strong as 5.0 on the Richter Scale. We know this because the Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16 Moon missions left seismometers on the Moon’s surface.

It’s very important to understand this activity for future moon missions. We sure don’t want to send astronauts that far away, only to be hurt by a moonquake!


The snowfall in Montana from this past weekend is truly historic! Notice how this is the first time a historic two-day snowstorm has ever occurred in September for them.


You all have a great day!


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