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Is our first frost in sight?


Weather Headlines

–A welcome rain falls today across the plateau

–Unfortunately, the rain will not take us out of drought conditions

–An even stronger cold front arrives Friday

–Our first frost is possible this weekend!

Main threats

No significant, widespread threats this week.

Just be aware that a frost is possible both Saturday and Sunday nights.


A very welcome rain is falling across the plateau today. Everyone should see some measurable precipitation. This won’t erase our drought conditions but it certainly helps!

Once this front clears through, we should be on track for a nice midweek. Then, another strong cold front arrives Friday night, bringing with it even colder air. It certainly looks possible that our first frost will occur Saturday night. I’ll keep an eye on that! The average first frost is around October 10 for us, so we would be right on track for that!

That front doesn’t bring much of a chance of a rainfall and that is unfortunate. After that front crosses it looks like we’ll have a period of cooler weather, followed by a period of warmer, drier weather. If we get our first frost this weekend, that next warming trend would be our Indian Summer. More on all that later.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



A slow-moving tropical depression drenched Puerto Rico on this day in 1970. Six days of torrential rainfall resulted in 17-40 inches or rain being reported! At least one location recorded 38.4 inches of rain.


There are two areas to monitor out in the Atlantic this morning. Neither look to be a major threat to the US. The orange-shaded region could become our next named storm over the next day or two.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


A feathery ice crystal, typically displaying delicate sixfold symmetry.


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

There have been snowflakes as large as 10 inches in diameter recorded! Can you imagine a snowflake THAT big?! I’d be in Heaven….

NASA Knowledge

The next spacesuit for the moon mission in 2024 is being designed! NASA is seeking industry feedback on these suits, which promise to allow more mobility and safety than spacesuits in the past. The new spacesuits will also need to accommodate women, something that has never been needed for previous moon walks. NASA assures us that you won’t see astronauts bunny hopping and falling over on the moon this next time. They’ve already come up with design changes that will make walking on the moon much, much easier.

I can’t wait to try one on……I mean…I can’t wait to see it…..yes…just see it… lol


Another winter storm is brewing for western Montana! Up to 18 inches of snow could fall tomorrow night. Winter storm warnings are in effect (pink). How lucky are they?

There are also more frost advisories spreading across the central plains (blue). They’re getting closer….. I can see those advisories exploding across the country with Friday’s cold front!


You all have a great day!



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