Afternoon Weather Update and really cool video

Most of today’s rain showers have moved off the plateau. I still can’t rule out an isolated shower the rest of the evening, but things should dry for 90% of us. The clouds will stick with us. They’re in no hurry to go anywhere! At least temps are mild. We’re currently 50 degrees and temps will only slowly fall into the 40s after dark.


Elsewhere in the world, the weather is quite active!

While our hurricane season has ended, the season is certainly continuing for the Indian Ocean in the southern hemisphere. Cyclone Ambali has been one to watch lately. The storm underwent rapid intensification yesterday, strengthening from a tropical storm to a cat 4 monster in less than 24 hours! This is not something we see too often at all. Then, the storm underwent rapid weakening, which is also unusual. This entire satellite loop is only 24 hours long! What an impressive storm.

It is important to note that, at first, forecasters thought Ambali had strengthened into a cat 5. The intensification took place so rapidly it was hard to know for sure. A reanalysis of the data shows the storm was instead a very powerful cat 4, staying just under cat 5 strength. This is the most rapid intensification experienced in the southern hemisphere since 1980.


The satellite image below shows three storms in the Indian Ocean as of yesterday. The horn of Africa is on the left, with Saudi Arabia to the north. India is left of center near the top (for reference). Need less to say, they are having a very, very active hurricane season!


You all enjoy your evening! Our weather stays calm through Sunday. We just have to deal with lots of clouds.

Weather Update-DL3_091518_JT-01

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