More light snow to come

For the most part, the Cumberland Plateau has seen a lull in snowfall activity this afternoon. That is seen as those broken blue colors on the radar below. Most of the time the blue colors are precip that is too light to reach the ground.

Nearly all the precip in the radar below is either snow or rain mixed with snow. I turned off the winter mosaic because it’s coloration can be distracting when there’s so many precip types in one radar shot.

In the radar image below, you see two areas of precipitation. I circled both of them. They are each heading our direction and will give us light snow through the evening hours, ending around midnight. If you get up to an inch of snow, it will be from these two areas of precipitation.

The snow may end up being heaviest between 9:00 and midnight, just before it comes to an end.

Temperatures have been below freezing for several hours now. We are currently an even 28 degrees here in downtown Crossville at weatherTAP. The good news is that daylight has likely kept major roads in good shape. Even with clouds, the sun’s radiation can still keep the paved roads warm enough to stay alright. The bad news is that darkness is quickly coming and that will likely lead to slicker road conditions.

I still expect a winter weather advisory to be issued for tonight and Wednesday morning. It will take a while for snow/ice to melt tomorrow, with temps hanging out in the 30s for highs most of the day.

You all stay safe and warm! I’ll update through the evening, as needed.

* I just noticed a bit of an uptick in radar returns in the latest radar scan for areas along the western edge of the plateau. Be careful if you’re traveling along I-40 this evening. I have a feeling the interstate between Cookeville and Crossville will become very tricky after sunset.


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