6:30 Snow Update

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm in the snow. It sounds like many roads are getting slick and apparently I-40 is a mess right now. Stay at home if you can.

Snowfall totals have a wide range across the county (and plateau) at this hour. I barely have a dusting (maybe 1/4″ in some places), while others appear to have an inch (or even  a bit more). That’s how it goes with these light snow events. Some always get more than others. Hopefully I’ll get enough to cover the ground before it ends! ha

I chose this radar because it does a good job showing “real” precipitation. Other radars show precip that is falling from the clouds. Not all of that reaches the ground because of evaporation. This radar shows a more true picture. As you can see, snow continues to move up the plateau. Snow will begin tapering off within the next hour or so and be completely finished by midnight.


Water vapor imagery shows a stream of moisture continuing to move northeast, as well.


You all stay safe and warm. Don’t forget those outdoor fur babies. Temps are expected to drop to near 20 degrees by morning.

Tomorrow, we’ll see a return of sunshine. That sunshine will help warm us up but not much. We’ll be lucky to hit 40 degrees by the afternoon.

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