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Cool satellite view shows snow cover

It’s possible to spot snow-pack on visible satellite if the snow is deep enough. This morning it was possible to see some of the snow that fell last night across the Cumberland Plateau. Many places south of I-40 picked up 1-2 inches, with isolated locations picking up closer to three inches. Meanwhile, many of us north of I-40 had a dusting to maybe half an inch (with a few exceptions).

On satellite, clouds and snow are both white. However, clouds move and snow does not. See if you can spot the snow. According to satellite, the southwest part of the county had the most widespread snow cover of at least 1-2 inches.

In any precip event we never all get the same amount. No one would even notice if one community got a tenth of an inch of rain more than another community. But, you sure do notice it if that tenth of an inch of precip fell as an inch of snow! (76)

If you have trouble seeing the snow, I made this image to help ya out!


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