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Snow flurries galore

The snow flurries really come down good from time to time! Temps are still hovering in the lower 30s, so there haven’t been any impacts to area roadways. Still, I’d take it easy just in case you find that one slick spot somewhere.

Radar is struggling to show the precip because it is so light. Plus, whenever we have snow flurries like this they are often below the radar beam. By the time that beam reaches the plateau from Nashville, it’s about 5,000 feet up in the air. Many of these flurries originate and fall beneath that height.

So, enjoy your snow flurries today. These will taper off as we go into the evening hours. Impacts will be very, very minimal (if any).

Visible satellite shows plenty of clouds left for us today. Notice all the snow across central Illinois, Indian, and Ohio from yesterdays’ storm. You can always spot the snow on satellite, even if it is the same color as the clouds. As I always say, “Clouds move, snow does not.” It’s always cool how the snow outlines the rivers and streams. (79)

Here’s a cool view of enhanced water vapor. You’ll notice so little moisture for our area (darker colors = drier air). The moisture isn’t that far away, though. That moisture is slowly pushing east.


You all have a great afternoon! Hopefully the clearer skies coming tomorrow and Thursday will allow for some good night sky viewing. I’ll keep an eye out for anything cool to see.

Weather Update-DL3_091518_JT-01

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