The Moon at perigee

At 2:25 pm (CST) the Moon will be at perigee. That means that at 2:25 this afternoon the Moon will be at its closest point in its annual orbit around Earth. At that time, the Moon will be just 230, 072 miles from Earth’s center.

Road trip? haha

In the diagram below, you can see that perigee is the closest point, apogee is the farthest. I used to tell my students that the ‘A’ in apogee was for “away”. It can help you remember the difference.


So, if the Moon looks a little bigger tonight it’s not your imagination. It really is a little bit closer. The Moon will rise tonight at around 11:30.

Be sure and look for Venus on that western horizon about a half hour after sunset. Just look for that very, very bright “star” in the western sky.

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