Sunday Story: Unique Snowflakes

Good Sunday morning! As for our forecast, look for isolated showers today, mainly south of I-40. Tonight, those showers become more widespread, again mainly south of the interstate.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day look partly cloudy, with highs in the mid 60s.

And now for your Sunday Story!

Unique Snowflakes

No two snowflakes are ever the same. Each one is uniquely shaped and influenced by whatever it encountered on its journey from the base of the cloud to the ground.
I often hear people compare snowflakes to people. We’re all different and influenced by whatever life’s journey has sent our way.
Recently, I was talking to some kids about snow. Their eyes light up when you talk about building snowmen, making snow angels, etc. I see that same enthusiasm in many adults’ eyes too!
One little boy had a question that seemed to perk the interest of all the other kids. He asked me why snowflakes are white and not some other color?
Because of the lattice network of ice crystals that make up a snowflake, all light is reflected away from the snowflake. No particular color is absorbed, which means no particular color is displayed on the flake. That lattice-style construction of the flake sends all light right back to its source, leaving only an absence of color to be displayed. In nature, when no other color can be shown, objects appear white.
The only exception is when snow first begins to fall in major cities. Often times, the first flakes are brownish in color. Snow is excellent at cleaning out the air. If that air is really dirty, the snowflakes cling to that dirt. After a while though, the air is cleaned out and the snow is white again.
It’s interesting to think that each flake is so small, unique, and fragile. No two flakes are ever the same because no two flakes experience the same journey. Yet, when billions and billions of them land and stick together it creates a beautiful, peaceful scene fit for postcards. Maybe that’s a lesson for us to learn?


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