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I sincerely hope that each and every one of you have the merriest of Christmases! I took the above picture in the backyard yesterday. I may have had a little too much fun with photoshop. ha It’s a Santa squirrel!

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Weather Headlines

–A beautiful Christmas Day is on tap for us

–The next significant chance for rain arrives Saturday night

Main threats

No widespread hazardous weather in sight.


We’ll see a sunny and bright Christmas Day across the plateau.  We’ll see highs in the mid to upper 60s. I think we’ll stay just shy of that 70-degree mark but one or two of you may hit it before the day is through.

The next best chance of rain arrives Saturday night. At this time, it just looks like we’ll see some heavy downpours and hear some thunder.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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The Christmas of 1983 remains the coldest on record for the country as a whole. Bitter cold air gripped the nation from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast. Snow covered much of the plains, Ohio Valley, and Appalachians. Here on the plateau, temps Christmas morning were below zero. Even Galveston, Texas dropped all the way down to 14 degrees.

Wednesday Word/Phrase of the Day

White Christmas

The definition of a White Christmas is one with at least one inch of snow on the ground, at any point in the day. It does not have to have fallen on that day to be a White Christmas (technically).

NASA Knowledge

On this day in 1968 Astronauts Jim Lovell, Frank Borman, and Bill Anders became the first humans to orbit another world. As they floated above the Moon, they took turns reading passages from the Genesis, the Creation Story.

They wanted to do something that would appeal to most of the world’s major religions. Genesis fit the bill.

The largest audience to ever be listening to anyone speak was listening that day. It was a tumultuous time in the world and people were hungry for good and positive news. NASA delivered.

The crew orbited the Moon ten times and then returned safely home.

Wx Hazards Across the Nation

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You all have a very Merry Christmas!


As many of us wish for a White Christmas, I found an article about that famous song that I found very interesting. Check it out if you get a chance by going to this link:

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