Rain and storms are coming, but not today

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Weather Headlines

–A wet and stormy Sunday coming

–A return to more seasonal temps coming next week

–Still no bitter cold air in sight

Main threats

Thunderstorms are expected on Sunday. A couple of these storms could be on the strong side, with gusty winds and heavy rainfall. The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted an are of MARGINAL RISK just to our southwest. At this time, this risk does not include the plateau.

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We’ll see mostly cloudy skies across the plateau today. These clouds will hang around through Sunday. We should stay dry through Saturday evening.

By the early hours of Sunday morning, we should see rain develop across the plateau. That rain could become heavy at times on Sunday. We’ll also have thunderstorms mixed in. Some of those storms could be on the strong side, though widespread severe weather is not expected.

Skies clear out on Monday, as seasonal temperatures return.

Our next system should hold off until after the New Year.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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It was warm across Middle Tennessee on this day in 1982. Nashville hit 75 degrees, while Crossville enjoyed a high of 67. Both were record highs.

It was warm on this day in 1988, too. In fact, it was warm enough for severe weather to happen in the Deep South. At least a dozen tornadoes swept across Mississippi. In Harperville, Mississippi thousands of chickens were killed when a tornado destroyed five chicken houses.

Friday Weather Funny


NASA Knowledge

They baked the cookies! And in true cool NASA style, they baked them for Santa. This is the first time Santa has ever found freshly baked cookies on the ISS. How very, very cool is that?



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

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I got outside to take some sunrise pictures this morning. I hope you enjoy!


You all have a great day!

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