Saturday night weather update

The Storm Prediction Center continues to highlight our area in the marginal risk for severe weather for Sunday. The marginal risk is the lowest of the five severe weather risk categories. Never the less, it is a reminder that any storm that develops could be on the strong side, if not briefly severe. Thankfully, the tornado threat is extremely low. Gusty winds and heavy downpours would be the main threats.


Forecast_Template - 2019-12-27T080105.777

Tonight, our system is making its way across the southern plains. The atmosphere is more conducive for severe weather there than it will be over here. Therefore, they have tornado watches in effect until 10:00 pm. That’s the yellow-shaded counties you see out west. The red-shaded county in southwest Missouri is the only active tornado warning at this hour. The imagery below is compliments of weatherTAP’S RadarLab (with radar turned off for this particular imagery).


The green-shaded counties in the mountains of east TN are for high wind watches for Sunday night. Winds will get gusty here on the plateau, too, and we may have wind advisories issued for winds greater than 30 mph. The green-shaded counties in Kentucky are for flood watches. We’ll see plenty of rain here, too. I’d expect 1-2 inches across the plateau. That should be low enough rain amounts to prevent much flooding.

I turned on radar for the RadarLab imagery below. As you can see, the strongest storms are well to our west tonight. They will weaken as they move eastward.



Expect a wet Sunday, with some thunderstorms thrown in. Timing is pretty much all day long. Some storms could be strong but widespread severe weather is not expected.

You all have a good evening! I’ll have your Sunday Story ready in the morning, as well as a forecast update!

Weather Update-DL3_091518_JT-01

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