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Wild weather in Massachusetts!

An ice storm has been developing all day in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, a very unstable atmosphere kicked off some thunderstorms. One storm became severe, producing quarter-sized hail. The orange polygon shows the severe storm on the radar image below. The storm occurred where ice storm conditions are present.

The situation is a result of tons of warm, moist air riding up and over some very cold air at the surface.

Can you imagine a severe t-storm while you’re getting an ice storm? This is a very rare thing to see on radar. Ice has accumulated to a quarter to half inch in many places. Some isolated locations have close to an inch of ice.

Now, the severe storm has transitioned to heavy snow. What a wild thing to see on weatherTAP’s RadarLab! Notice how the storm’s precip changes to blue on radar. That blue is snow on this winter mosaic.



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