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A forecast with a lil bit of everything


Weather Headlines

–A very wintry Tuesday is in store for us

–The next rain-maker arrives Thursday, with flooding rains possible (1-3″ of rain)

–Rain/Snow mix expected Saturday. Light accumulation may be possible (monitoring closely).

Main threats

Rain, heavy at times, will develop across the plateau on Thursday. With saturated grounds in place, we may be facing some flooding issues. Widespread rainfall amounts of 1-2 inches are likely across the plateau, with isolated locations picking up closer to three inches.

A rain/snow mix on Saturday could turn to all light snow Saturday night. This could create some slick spots on area roads if there is enough moisture left over by the time temps drop to freezing. I’m watching this closely.


We’ll see a lot of clouds around this morning. Hopefully, they will clear out sometime this afternoon. Just remember, clouds tend to really like hanging out on the plateau longer than we’d like….

By tomorrow evening, we’ll see clouds increasing ahead of our next storm system. This may lead to some nice sunset conditions. A few clouds always make the sunsets so much better.

Rain moves in on Thursday and there will be plenty of it! Some of you will likely have to deal with some flooding issues.

That rain tapers off on Friday. Then, a vigorous upper-level disturbance will swing through on Saturday (according to current model data) and that will kick off some more showers. With the upper-level low so cold at its core, those showers will either mix with or completely change over to light snow. Surface temps should stay above freezing during the day, preventing accumulation. As temps fall to freezing in the evening and overnight, and if there’s still some moisture left over, we could see some light accumulations. Right now, it doesn’t look like a big deal (<1″) but I’m keeping a close eye on this. Stay tuned.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



On this day in 2018 the NWS in Nashville confirmed what so many of us suspected. They confirmed that the year 2018 was the wettest year on record for the city of Crossville, with 74.88 inches of rain recorded.

This year, we’ve recorded 67.96 inches.

Tuesday Clues Day

This is for those of you who like to deer hunt or know someone who does. A study by Boone and Crockett Club showed that a whopping 90% of record whitetails were taken when no rain or snow was falling. They also found that 85% of deer were harvested when winds were 5 mph or less.

This begs the question….does this prove that hunters don’t hunt when precipitation is falling, or does it prove that deer prefer to stir when precipitation isn’t falling?

Perhaps, calm winds with no precipitation is a clue to stirring deer activity. Perhaps, also, it’s a clue of stirring hunter activity? ha

NASA Knowledge

Two weeks from today I’ll be at Wallops, learning all about the new mission to study Nor’easters with planes! I’ll have MUCH more on this in the coming days and especially while I’m there! Are we there yet? Oh wait…two more weeks….

Wx Hazards Across the Nation


You all have a great day!


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