Brooms and Bundling Up (6:30 pm Thurs)

You did it, didn’t you? You tried to stand your broom up to see if it was true. Admit it. You got broomboozled. ha

It’s actually pretty cool but it’s not something that just happens on one day…thankfully!

If you tried it again today it would still stand up. And it would work tomorrow, and the next day…… It’s actually still kinda cool, though. What you were really testing was your broom’s center of gravity. Because most brooms have a low center of gravity, they will balance and stand on their own. It’s kinda like “gravity magic.” The center of gravity is where most of the weight of an object is balanced.

This has nothing to do with Full Moons or equinoxes, etc. In fact, the next equinox isn’t until March (first day of Spring).

Incidentally, while you’re piddling with that broom how about sweeping the floor? Wait, I think I just channeled my mother’s voice (yikes! lol).

So, you can still stand those brooms up all day long! (ha) Just make sure you understand what you’re seeing and it will be even cooler!

The image below is from my friend Amber, who was unashamedly broomboozled. haha It really is kinda magic!


Now….about the bundling up part….

Folks, it is not only going to be noticeably cooler in the morning but there is going to be a breeze. A very light, but very cold, breeze. That means that while our actual temperature will be 18-22 degrees, it will actually feel more like 10-12 degrees! Brrrrrrr

And PLEASE remember those outdoor pets. They feel that wind chill factor, too. Please make sure they have a dry, warm bed that is out of the wind. Don’t forget the furbabies and don’t assume they can take care of themselves. These temperature roller coasters are hard on them too.

Pictured below is a map of what temperatures could feel like Friday morning.


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