Get a weather radio. Apps fail.

I posted about this earlier but it needs to be repeated.

Get a weather radio. Get it now. Get it set-up. If you need help just ask me!

It could save your life. It could save your family.

Apps fail. I’m very bothered at how many of you, and how many people I’ve seen interviewed on the news, say their weather app didn’t warn them. The NWS told me today that they’ve heard the same thing from tornado victims this week. Heck, one gentlemen’s app sent him a tornado warning about six hours after the tornado had gone through!

Apps fail.

Many apps won’t make a noise if you have your phone on silent, which is what many of us do when we sleep.

If you lose cell service guess what? Your app fails. It happened here in Rinnie Tuesday morning to several folks. Meanwhile, my dad’s cheap flip phone screamed like the world was ending. My smart phone lay silent.

Get a weather radio. They’re reliable. They work. Keep batteries in them and keep them turned on. You can set most of them to voice, beep, or alarm. Any of the three will likely wake you up. The alarm will always wake you up. ha

The spring severe weather season is off to a terrible start. I say spring but it’s actually still technically winter. Tennessee leads the nation in deaths in nighttime tornadoes. Get a weather radio.

I’ll remind you in posts to turn it on, just in case you turned it off for some reason.

Get a weather radio. I will help you set it up if you can’t do it on your own.

Did I mention that you should get a weather radio and ask me for help if you need it?

Get one on Amazon or go to Midland’s website. Use promo code MIDLAND on their website to get 25% off.  Midland is even offering free shipping.

Don’t rely on apps and PLEASE don’t rely on outdoor tornado sirens. Those only work for parks. I will never advocate that they be put up in a community unless that community has a park that needs a siren. People die relying on outdoor sirens. Get a weather radio.

Get a weather radio. It could save your life. It could keep your family alive.



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