Baldwin’s Wx Blog for Sat., March 7

Beautiful Days

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Weather Headlines

Pleasant weather to last through Monday

The next storm system arrives Tuesday with more rain

The end of next week is looking good at this time

Main threats

There are no threats in sight for at least the next three days (and likely beyond that).


Enjoy this pleasant weather. It will be especially welcome for those trying to clean up debris this weekend.

The next storm system arrives Tuesday, but it appears to just be rain and some thunder. Rainfall amounts will likely stay around an inch, so no major flooding problems are anticipated.

The weather remains unsettled through Thursday, before hopefully clearing out just in time for the weekend.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Wx Hazards Across the Nation

A new storm system will bring light mountain snows to the West Coast. The yellow-shaded counties along the northern California coast are freeze watches. The middle of the country is experiencing gusty winds and low humidity values. Therefore, the red-shaded areas are under advisories for a high wildfire danger (Red Flag warnings). Central Florida could see similar conditions. Numerous streams remain under flood warnings in the Southeast. Wind advisories are active for the southern Appalachians, while freeze watches are active for tonight across South Carolina.




On March 12, 1863 the Fayetville Observer reported that, “We are informed that Shelbyville was visited by another hurricane on last Saturday [March 7th] night, which blew down the Baptist Church, the Depot, Telegraph Office, besides other buildings. One person is said to have been killed. We have no other particulars.”

For me, it’s especially interesting that they call it a hurricane. I used to mow the yard of an elderly lady here in northern Cumberland County who remembered a “hurricane” going through Rinnie when she was just a girl and her family had just moved up here from Florida. I wonder if she referred to a tornado in the same way the Fayetville Observer did?

Saturday Snow Day

Did you know that the largest deserts in the world are snow covered? It’s true! The desert of Antarctica covers 5.5 million square miles. The desert of the Arctic (North Pole) covers 5.4 millions. The Sahara covers 3.5 million square miles.

The reason the snow covered regions are so dry is because snow doesn’t consist of much moisture. In fact, the average snowflake is about 90% air. An inch of rain is generally 10 inches of snow but not so much in the arctic regions. There, the snow is so dry that one inch of rain may equal as much as 30 inches of snow. That’s a lot of snow but not a lot of water.

NASA Knowledge

A SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft is on its way to the International Space Station after launching at 10:50 p.m. last night. Dragon will deliver more than 4,300 pounds of NASA cargo and science investigations, including a new science facility scheduled to be installed to the outside of the station during a spacewalk this spring.

The cargo will arrive at the International Space Station on Monday.



Take a few minutes to order your Midland weather radio today! Go to sleep this spring with the comfort of knowing that if storms get bad in the night, you’ll have something to wake you up. This could save not only your life, but the lives of your family members. Get that radio today! You can order from Amazon or Midland. The price will be the same, though Midland is offering free shipping (many of you probably get free shipping with Amazon).


You all have a great day!

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