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1:15 Update on Thursday’s Storms: Slight risk now issued.

WHAT: Squall line of strong to severe t-storms

WHEN: After 6:00 pm Thursday (timing will be fine-tuned in later updates)

The Storm Prediction Center has now upgraded the Cumberland Plateau to the SLIGHT RISK for severe thunderstorms for Thursday night. This is a level higher from the threat level we were at in earlier outlooks. The tornado threat has not increased and is still very low (but not zero).

This is still a low-end threat but one we should be weather-aware for.

Unlike last week’s event, this is looking like a squall line event. Damaging straight-line winds would be the primary threat. Sometimes, however, tornadoes can spin-up along these lines. We’ve seen squall line events like this many, many times in the past.

I”ll do another update later on this evening. Just start thinking about your severe weather plan and what you and your family would do if a warning is issued. Practice that plan.

You all have a great rest of your afternoon.


2 thoughts on “1:15 Update on Thursday’s Storms: Slight risk now issued.

  1. Can you help us set up our Midland weather radio to receive weather messages? Howard Williams

    1. I think you will find this link helpful, Howard.

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