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Baldwin’s Wx Blog for Wed., March 11

Wet and going to get wetter


Weather Headlines

Rain and storms return tonight and tomorrow

Some storms on Thursday could be strong

A very wet pattern begins Saturday and lasts several days

Main threats

Storms on Thursday could contain gusty winds, small hail, and heavy rainfall. Some storms may reach severe limits. The chance for tornadoes is low but not zero. The Storm Prediction Center has placed our area in the marginal risk for severe storms, which is the lowest of the severe weather risk categories. I’ll let you know if they upgrade.


Rains that begin on Saturday could lead to flooding problems through at least Tuesday. Some of that rainfall may be heavy, which would only increase flooding concerns.


We’ll see partly to mostly cloudy skies today but I think we’ll all stay dry. A big complex of showers and storms to our west should rob our atmosphere of most of its energy today. That complex should stay well to our west, as it slides south to southeast. I’ll keep an eye on that complex, just in case some showers decide to clip the plateau later on today.


Tonight, showers develop across the region. We may even hear some rumbles of thunder. Nothing severe is expected, though.

On Thursday, the atmosphere destabilizes and that will set the stage for some thunderstorms. Some of those could be on the stronger side. I’ll keep a very close eye on those. This doesn’t look like anything too crazy and we mustn’t let the last event lead us to believe that every low-risk event will be something to fear.

Never the less, be weather aware for your Thursday and know where you’ll go if a warning is issued. The risk for tornadoes is very low but it’s not zero.

Friday is looking pretty good, at this point, before another series of rain-makers line up and head our way.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Flood watches cover portions of the Southwest, while high wind warnings and advisories cover portions of the northern plains. Winter storm watches are also in effect for portions of Montana. Red flag warnings for the fire danger cover western Nebraska and dense fog advisories are to the east (blue shaded counties). Dense fog is also an issue across the northern Gulf Coast and northern Alabama. A complex of storms is prompting the issuance of severe t-storm warnings in central Arkansas this morning.




Tamarack, California reported that they had 451 inches of snow on the ground on this day in 1911. That is a record for the U.S.

I did the math (ha) and that is a little over 37.5 feet of snow!

Wednesday Wind Day (wind facts)

The fastest wind speed on earth ever recorded was 231 miles per hour. that was recorded on Mount Washington on April 12, 1934. The mountain found itself within the winds of the jet stream…. a very potent jet stream! That led to this incredibly powerful wind speed.

Pictured below is the observatory. What a place to work, right? ha



For those of you wondering about my sweet Pepper, and so many of you have been so kind with thoughtful words and prayers. I lost my furbaby yesterday afternoon. It was the hardest decision I have ever made but one that benefited Pepper and allowed him to pass from this life with ease. Again, thank you for all the kind words. You all are the best.

Now, go hug that furbaby of yours real tight for me.

You all have a great day!


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