9:00 pm Update: A good night for a wx radio, in a good way

Folks, storms continue to struggle to our west. The storms in KY have robbed the atmosphere here on the plateau of a LOT of energy. That is really doing a number on anything that even tries to develop to our west.

However, as the night goes on, a line of storms may still materialize. It also may not. This is when weather radios come in handy. You can go to bed with that radio on and you’ll know if a warning were to be issued. That’s the best thing about those radios. Just make sure it’s turned on. You don’t have to have the talking part on, just the radio.

A tornado watch continues for Fentress and Overton Counties but I’m not sure anything will come of that. The worst storms are in KY.

Some really good news is that Cumberland County has been downgraded to a marginal risk again. You folks to our north remain in the slight risk. Both of these categories are in the low-end threat range. It’s a good trend when the Storm Prediction Center lowers the threat as we go into the night, rather than raise.

In the radar image below, the two heightened risk areas are way back over Arkansas, with our cold front, and across south central KY and the northernmost regions of TN, along the TN/KY border. Notice that big storm (red blob) north of Fentress County. That’s the strongest storm on radar right now and it is thankfully moving away from us.

weatherTAP_RadarLab_Image_20200313_0146 (1)

understanding_categories (1)

Until the cold front comes through, we can’t say for sure we won’t have some rough storms. However, things have been trending in a better direction for hours now. That is a good thing!

So, if you wish, you can go to bed but make sure that weather radio is on and that you have at least one other source to wake you up, just in case. This may very well be a situation where nothing happens.


The atmosphere is complicated and it has many complicated layers. Tonight, one of those layers is rather stable. Guidance had suggested that the storms would be able to overcome that. Thus far, they have not. If we had gotten sunshine today and warmed up into the 70s, this would be a different story. If you complained about it being cloudy today, you would be best to take those complaints back. ha

I’ll be up watching it. If anything changes I’ll be right here! I’ll give another update if/when needed.


3 thoughts on “9:00 pm Update: A good night for a wx radio, in a good way

  1. So if we’re planning to stay up…. how long would that be? Is there a time when it’s completely clear?

    1. It’s liable to be 2:00 a.m. before we’ll be in the clear. It’s hard to say. Storms continue to struggle, so that’s good. I keep waiting on the Storm Prediction Center to share their thoughts. As soon as they do, I’ll let you all know.

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