11:00 Update on Tonight’s Storms

I thought I’d give one last update. I know many of you are staying up, especially if you don’t have a weather radio. Showers and storms have been developing across the region over the past hour or so. None have reached severe limits and I’m not sure any will. The strongest storms have produced small hail and 40 mph winds.

All tornado watches have been allowed to expire and there’s no mention of issuing anymore at this time. It’s a good sign when the Storm Prediction Center doesn’t even feel the need to discuss us.

I’ll probably watch the radar for another hour or so and then go to bed myself. I have a weather radio and my weatherTAP app that can wake me up if needed. So, if anything comes up I’ll jump on here and keep you posted.

Remember, if you go to bed have your weather radio on and have at least one more source for warnings.




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