Baldwin’s Sunday Story Blog for Sunday, Mar. 29

Today’s  blog is very abbreviated. Doesn’t this sunshine look good today, though, after the rough night we had?

I’ll be getting out this afternoon to see if I think last night’s storms were straight-line winds or tornado. I’ll post an update to that this evening.

Don’t forget to think seriously about getting a weather radio (if you don’t already have one). Last night’s storms did not come with little or no warning…..if you had a weather radio. I ordered one for my aunt last week from Walmart and it took about four days to get here. They had said it would take longer but it didn’t. Now would be a good time to place that order! Here is the link:

For now, let’s enjoy this sunshine. Just keep in mind that winds will be quite breezy today. Temps will be around 70 degrees for high. Oh, and the rest of the week looks absent of severe weather!

I will, however, give you today’s Sunday Story! I know how much you love those, right? (ha). This week’s is about March snows. We may wish for early springs, but March snows sure keep the severe weather at bay.

I hope you enjoy today’s story!

March Snows

While snows in March are uncommon, they are certainly not unheard of. In fact, many snow records are broken in the month of March. 

Our region is no exception. For instance, the Blizzard of 1993 broke many records across our area, including Jamestown’s  26 inches of snow that fell on March 12-13th. That set a Middle Tennessee record for most snowfall ever recorded in a single snow event. 

Crossville recorded 20 inches of snow in that storm. That brought the interstate to a standstill and left many folks stranded for days. 

Other snow records that have been broken across the state in the month of March include  Nashville’s St. Patrick’s Day storm of 1892. A whopping 17 inches of snow fell on the city that March day, cancelling all holiday celebrations. To date, that is their greatest one-day snowfall ever recorded.  

Other March snow records include March 9, 1960,when Middle Tennessee was walloped with several inches of snow. Nashville recorded 5.5 inches, while Crossville and Cookeville recorded around eight inches. 

March of 1968 was especially wintry. On the 20th of that month, Nashville was hit with eight inches of snow. A couple of days later, Murfreesboro would measure their greatest one-day snowfall total of 10 inches on the 22nd. The next day, Springfield, located just north of Nashville, would record their greatest one-day snowfall total on record with 10 inches of snow. 

Even looking around the nation, many states have set snowfall records in the month of March. 

So, while our thoughts turn to spring showers and spring flowers in the month of March, we must not forget that March is a quirky month. Like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you’re going to get when it comes to March weather.



2 thoughts on “Baldwin’s Sunday Story Blog for Sunday, Mar. 29

  1. We lived in Cleveland, TN in 1993 and had 23 inches with 5-6 foot drifts! Very memorable. A few years later, we had a dusting in early April!

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