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9:00 Update: More good news

I was just looking at the latest data and wanted to go ahead and share it with you all. The severe threat is indeed diminishing for our area for this evening. The atmosphere is just so much more unstable across southern Middle TN and northern Alabama that the storms are just drawn to that more favorable airmass. Instead of charging east, as so many of us had feared, the storms are choosing to charge south and east.

These complexes of storms are very, well, complex and have minds of their own sometimes. That’s why we have to watch them closely. Thankfully for us, this one went in our favor.

We still have rain and thunder coming but the severe threat is very low.

Looking ahead to the cold front that is coming tomorrow morning….Storms should behave themselves as they move across Middle TN in the morning. A strong storm or two can’t be ruled out but I think we’ll be alright.

My concern is now where is so many of you like it!

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You all have a good evening! This is my final update for the evening. I’ll have a full blog update for you all in the morning with details about this Blackberry winter coming for this weekend. And yes, we’re even looking at frost.

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