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1:00 pm Monday Storm Update

WHAT: A strong/severe thunderstorm

WHEN: This afternoon through sunset

GREATEST HAZARD: Damaging, straight-line wind gust

Current radar shows some storms developing across the region. Some of them have been a bit intense at times. Activity will continue through this afternoon/evening.


As mentioned in this morning’s weather report, the Storm Prediction Center has placed our area in the marginal risk for severe storms for this afternoon. They just issued a special discussion for our area that states that they do not intend to issue any watches for our area today. They do, however, emphasize that any storm that develops will be capable of producing damaging straight-line winds and small hail. The reason a watch will not be needed is because the storms are not expected to be widespread enough to warrant the issuance of a watch. Storms should remain isolated.


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Just keep an eye to the sky and radar if you have outdoor plans this afternoon. No matter how intense any storm gets, you need to always be concerned with that deadly cloud-to-ground lightning. If you’re close enough to hear thunder (even if you can’t see the storm) you are close enough to be struck.

The Storm Prediction Center has also just placed our area in the marginal risk for severe storms for Tuesday, as well. I’ll keep an eye on things!

Be safe in this heat and humidity. Drink lots of water and stay in the shade. Make sure those outdoor pets have fresh water and shade, too.

You all take care.

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