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10:25 pm Update: Laura to make landfall as a catastrophic cat 4

The latest findings from the Hurricane Hunters show that the rapid and historic strengthening of Hurricane Laura over the past 24 hours has halted. With only a matter of a few hours left before landfall, the storm will make landfall as a catastrophic high-end cat 4 hurricane. The light of day will reveal a very dreadful scene from the coastal areas that this thing directly impacts.

Landfall should occur around 1:00 am along the Texas/Louisiana border.

Never again will there be a Hurricane Laura. Storms this destructive have their names retired, never to be used again.

It is an incredible storm to see on satellite. With this only being late August, and the peak of hurricane season still weeks away, we are sure to see more threats come our way. Let’s just hope we never see the likes of Laura again.

One of the main coastal radars is in the path of the storm. I’ve circled it on the image below. Will it survive the night? I’m doubting it.

Laura has already proven to be quite the tornado-maker. In fact, there were so many tornadoes in the outer bands earlier than a blanket tornado warning was issued for much of the coastline.

As Laura moves our way, she will impact our weather. It does appear that there will be at least some degree of a tornado threat for us. There will also be very gusty winds both Friday and Saturday. Winds could easily gust to 40 mph or more. Shallow rooted trees in our wet soils may be in jeopardy. If the remnants of Laura track farther north, our rain and storm chances will lower. I’ll have a full update on what we can expect from Laura in tomorrow morning’s blog update.

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This is likely my final post of the evening. There is no storm on earth more powerful than a hurricane. That will not be a hard fact to believe for those in Laura’s path tonight. It won’t be hard to believe, at all.


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