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Hurricane Sally now a cat 2

Winds have increased and Hurricane Sally is now a cat 2 hurricane. Winds are now at 100 mph. Further strengthening is expected tonight and Sally could attempt to become a cat 3 hurricane. At cat 3, a hurricane becomes labeled as a “major hurricane.” Let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad. Cat 3 begins at 111 mph.

Sally should make landfall tomorrow night along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, if not a bit farther east on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Stay tuned.

The track continues to shift ever so slightly eastward and now the Mobile, Alabama area is really under the gun. Flooding rainfall is the main threat,especially as slowly as Sally is moving. Some locations could receive more than two feet of rain. I have a feeling the flooding is going to be the big, big story. I also wouldn’t be surprised if rainfall amounts aren’t being underestimated.

An eye is trying to form in Sally and that should become clearer in the coming hours. I’ll share those images as soon as they become available.

The latest rainfall forecast for Sally is quite impressive. Some areas will be devastated by flooding. Now that Sally is getting bigger and stronger, she should be able to throw some rain our way by Wednesday night and Thursday. We’re not looking at much, but it could make for higher rain chances for us.

I’m keeping an eye on it all and I’ll keep you posted on the latest!

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