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Sally rapidly strengthens into a hurricane

It’s sooner than expected, but tropical systems sometimes have a mind of their own. I mentioned in the last post that pressure was dropping. Well, now the winds are catching up to that pressure drop. Maximum sustained winds have now increased to 85 mph. I’m anxious to see if the intensity forecast changes now, as it was believed Sally would have winds of 90-95 mph at landfall tomorrow. She has a lot of time to strengthen. Interesting, for sure.

I should mention that the track is taking Sally’s remnants a bit farther south of us this week. That would lower our rain chances from the system. I’ll keep an eye on that , too. We still have a strong cold front coming Thursday that would bring us better rain chances.

Sally looks impressive on satellite at this hour. Notice that eye trying to form in the middle. This could be an interesting day of hurricane tracking….. Landfall is expected Tuesday morning. Hurricane Hunters are out in force and I’ll let you know if Hurricane Sally strengthens even more!

I have another special blog post that came just before this one. Check it out for even more tropical info!

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