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Hurricane Delta closing in on the coast

The good news is that Hurricane Delta has weakened and is now below major hurricane strength…barely. Winds are still sustained at 110 mph. The bad news is that it is heading straight for where Major Hurricane Laura hit just six weeks ago. Those folks are having a very hard year.

Delta will then move north, northeast and will move into our area over the weekend. Rains ahead of Delta will overspread the plateau by tonight, though scattered showers are possible anytime this afternoon and evening. By the time the system moves out Sunday, we should have 1-2 inches of rain across the plateau.

The severe threat continues to look really low for our area, though it’s not zero. There is always a lot of “spin” associated with tropical systems, which can lead to some quick spin-up tornadoes. Again, that threat looks very low with Delta, since the system will be weakening so much by the time it arrives here.

I’ll keep an eye on things and let you know if there are any changes you need to know about!

Finally, keep the folks of southwest Louisiana close to your hearts.

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