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Hurricane Delta makes landfall

Hurricane Delta has made landfall at Creole, Louisiana at 6:00 pm. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to 100 mph, with higher gusts. This makes Hurricane Delta a category 2 hurricane at landfall. The storm made landfall just 11 miles from where category 4 Hurricane Laura made landfall just six weeks ago. Storm surge of up to seven feet has been observed by at least one data point. Higher storm surges are likely at other locations.

Hurricane Delta becomes the fourth storm to make landfall in Louisiana this year, tying a record with 2002. Hurricane season officially ends November 30th.

Hurricane Hunters have been investigating Delta since it developed. The map below shows the paths of the Hurricane Hunters since October 5th. That’s a lot of flights!

Pictured below is Capital Weather Gang’s Matthew Cappucci’s video from Lake Arthur, Louisiana within the past hour.

The storm will weaken overnight, as it moves further inland. It will then move toward our neck of the woods. Showers will become more numerous through the night and be with us, off and on, through Saturday. The center of Delta will arrive here tomorrow night.

Thankfully, the storm will weaken substantially before moving through our area. That will help minimize our severe storm potential. It will also minimize winds. I think we could see some gusts to 20 mph, but the most common wind speeds will be 10-15 mph….a breezy Friday night and weekend.

As for severe storm potential, that should stay south and west of our area. Still, our threat isn’t zero and I’ll keep an eye on that tomorrow. Overall, we’re looking at showers and southerly breezes from this system. Total rainfall amounts should range between 1-2 inches across the plateau by the time this system heads out of here on Sunday.

You all have a nice evening.

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