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Monday Night Snow Update

The winter weather advisory continues into Tuesday morning. Light snow will continue, off and on, throughout much of the night. Additional nighttime snow accumulation should stay under an inch for many of us.

I just measured exactly one inch on my car roof here in Rinnie. I have about half that on the ground. There are reports of up to three inches at Monterey. I think folks up around Jamestown have a bit more, too.

Be careful if you must be out tonight. With overnight lows around 20 degrees, it would not be a good night to have car troubles.

Also, please make sure the outside fur babies have a warm and dry place to hunker down for the night. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this kind of cold weather.

Those of you who have picked up Meteorologist Mark “snow” rulers lately need to be sure and post pics of you measuring snow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag me! (ha) Most of you should have at least a little bit of snow to measure by Tuesday morning!

You all take care and enjoy the snow! You know what they say….either you enjoy the snow or you don’t . Either way, we still have snow. (ha)

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