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Winter Weather Advisory now in effect

The winter weather adivisory that was set to go into effect at noon has now gone into effect. My temperature here in the north end of Cumberland County has now dropped to 32 degrees. Temps will slowly fall the rest of the day.

Be careful if you must travel today on the plateau, especially as you cross bridges and overpasses. They area always the first to freeze over. Tonight, as temps drop into the lower 20s, light snow could create numerous slick spots on area roadways. Please be especially safe if you must travel after dark.

Radar shows numerous snow showers moving our way, and those will be with us throughout the night, as well. Snow will taper off to flurries by Tuesday morning, with 1-2 inches of total snow accumulation across the plateau. Some locations, especially around Monterey, could see a bit more snow than the rest of us.

Radar shows plenty of light snow to our northwest, moving our direction at noon. I highlighted the borders of Cumberland, Putnam, and Fentress counties for reference.

Bundle up. Winds will be breezy the rest of the day, creating bitter cold wind chills.

The snow scale is unchanged from this morning. You all stay safe and enjoy our first snow of the season!

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  1. Thank you! Plan to stay inside all day today except to bring in the mail.

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