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Storm Update (5:35 pm)

I just wanted to jump on here right quick and let you all know that nothing in our area is severe at this time. Thankfully, a lack of sun today kept this batch of storms from getting too intense. I had some loud thunder here in the north end of the county but nothing too bad.

Notice on the radar below the line of storms I’ve circled west of Nashville. Those have really fired up within the past hour. I will be tracking that broken line of strong to severe storms as it moves east over the next few hours. I highlighted the border of Cumberland County for reference. This is the main line that I’ve been concerned about. Notice other cells firing west of that line. Those will be watched closely too.

In case you haven’t heard, there are two supercells in central Alabama that have produced strong to violent tornadoes. There are fatalities. Those two storms, believe it or not, are actually helping us out. A LOT of energy is being exhausted on those storms and that is helping take some of the energy from our atmosphere.

The tornadoes in central Alabama have some of the most impressive radar signatures I have ever seen. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if these tornadoes are flirting with EF-5 intensity. The warnings are telling people to get underground. That’s an unusual way to word a warning.

With all that being said, our atmosphere is quite unstable and we still have that line of storms to go through, not to mention the risk of something developing between here and there. I’ve been keeping a close eye on that activity just east of Murfreesboro. Hopefully that continues to behave.

As we get into the night, winds will likely become more favorable for severe thunderstorms. Hopefully, temps will stay a little cooler. That would really help us out. We don’t want our temperatures rising into the evening, as southerly winds increase.

A big supercell ran right over the top of Nashville earlier but did not produce a tornado. Large hail and very strong winds were reported.

I’m keeping a close eye on things and I’m especially watching that line coming into western Middle Tennessee, as well as some storms now firing west of that line.

We are not out of the woods, by any stretch of the imagination.

I will update again by 8:00 pm, OR as needed.

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