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Ida Becomes a Hurricane

Tropical Storm Ida has now strengthened into a hurricane. The storm is about to move over western Cuba. That should cause some temporary weakening, as the storm encounters land.

Then, Ida will move into the southern Gulf. The storm is expected to rapidly intensify, becoming a major hurricane by Saturday night or Sunday morning. The storm will then make landfall Sunday evening at or near New Orleans.

That satellite imagery below is from this afternoon. Notice the track of the storm toward New Orleans. Also, keep in mind that locations to the right of the center are where the worst of the worst weather will be. The the right of the center, the winds are blowing in from the ocean, bringing in that dreaded storm surge. To the left of the center, winds blow from the north and out to sea, significantly reducing storm surge. On this current path, New Orleans is in a very bad position.

I’ll have much more on this storm in the coming days. On the current path, the storm will bring us wind and rain by Tuesday. On this current path, our tornado threat is a bit elevated, too. I’ll have to keep a very close eye on that. Tropical tornadoes are often weaker than the ones we’re accustomed to, but they still do damage.

You all take care and I’ll keep you posted on Hurricane Ida.

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