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Winter Weather Update (Issued at 12:15)

Wintry precip continues over much of the plateau at this hour. Warm air aloft has changed some of you all over to a snow/sleet mixture, with some locations even reporting some light freezing rain. Much of the mixed precip appears to be along and/or south of the interstate. The dominant precip type across much of the plateau should stay snow and all this wintry precip will continue through the afternoon at various intensities. Keep in mind that wintry precip varies in type and intensity across distance and time with winter weather events.

Radar shows wintry precip throughout the area, with some of it being heavy and some it being light. As I’ve said before, if you see more sleet your snow totals will be on the lowest end of the scale. Those of us seeing little (if any) sleet will see higher snow totals. I currently have 2.5 inches of snow (and still coming down!) ten miles north of Crossville. Snow totals across the region, when all is said and done, are likely to range from 2-4 inches areawide, with locally higher amounts.

Be aware that BITTER cold air will spill into the region tonight, sending overnight lows into the single digits.

You all stay safe.

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