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Winter Weather Update (3:30)

Snowfall totals vary wildly across Middle TN and the Cumberland Plateau. While those of us across the northern half of Cumberland County and all of Fentress County saw forecasts verify, many of you across the southern half have only a dusting to an inch. The same is true across other parts of the Midstate, too. This system began a unique evolution as it passed through us, giving a wild variety of weather. For much of East TN, it was a total busted forecast and the winter storm warnings issued by the NWS are being cancelled as I type this. Since so much of our county is technically experiencing winter storm conditions, our warning remains in place for now.

The winners on the plateau are those of you from Cookeville to Monterey to Jamestown, where 3-7 inches of snow has fallen, per current reports on social media. I have exactly 3″ at this hour in Rinnie. I’m hearing similar reports of 2-3 inches from other areas of northern Cumberland County.

More light snow is possible the rest of the evening, as a strong arctic front moves in. That front will send overnight lows into the single digits. Check on your elderly friends and neighbors, make sure your pipes are ready, and make sure your outdoor pets are ready! People, pipes, and pets.

Current radar (3:15) shows a large area of light snow moving east. Unfortunately for you snow lovers who got missed, it’s looking like the ones who already have the most snow will get the most out of this, as well (as much as an additional inch). Never the less, a dusting to a half inch of snow is possible the rest of this day and evening. Snow should be completely over by 8:00 p.m.

Measuring Snow

Road Conditions

This TDOT SmartWay link is a great resource for road condition information.,traffic

Fur Babies

Those outside fur babies need your help tonight!

Special Note

Single digit low temps are expected tonight. Please make sure you always have more than one heat source, just in case the power goes out. Use alternative heat sources safely and make sure you follow the safety guidelines for their usage.

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