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6:15 Winter Weather Update

Snow has coated many area roads, so be careful if you MUST be out. It’s best to just stay in tonight. Temps continue to fall and snow showers will persist for several more hours.

I have 1/4″ of snow on the ground here at the house, but some folks have more and some have less (if anything!). I expect I’ll end up with 1/2″ or so when it all wraps up. The snow has stopped here for now but it sure was pretty when it was coming down! Off and on snow showers will dot the radar through the rest of the evening. As I said earlier, the bulk of what you get likely came with that burst of snow we saw earlier tis evening.

Remember to measure snow with the ruler standing straight up. Some people really like to tilt those rulers. LOL

Regardless of exactly how much snow you get, keep in mind that bitter cold temps are also coming tonight. Bundle up and stay safe and warm!

A winter weather advisory continues through the night.

Radar shows snow showers dotted across the region.

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