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Rest of the day forecast

Well, the plateau did its magic and broke up our storms. They have since re-fired over the Smokies. Such is the way of the weather sometimes.

We will finish out our day with a 20% chance for a shower or storm, but I wouldn’t bank on getting rain if you haven’t seen any today.

It looks like Pleasant Hill is the winner today with rain.

We need to prepare for the dry weather to come. Long-range models look bleak when it comes to rainfall for our area. They also look bleak when it comes to the heat wave coming next week. It’s looking like we’ll spend much of next week with highs in the 90s. The humidity will be lower, so it will be a “dry” heat. The good thing about the humidity this week is that it kept things from drying out too much. Yes, it felt miserable at times, but the humidity kept moisture in the air.

Next week’s dry air will accelerate the drying process and we’re liable to see that reflected across our lawns and gardens by the middle or end of next week (if not sooner). I’d recommend putting the brakes on lawn mowing.

The one thing that can always change a long-range dry forecast is something coming out of the tropics. Right now, nothing is in sight there but that can change. I’ll keep an eye on that.

You all take care and enjoy the rest of your evening. And be sure to enjoy the pleasant weekend weather coming!

2 thoughts on “Rest of the day forecast

  1. Relatively new subscriber yet I have come to rely and trust your forecasts for all sorts of outdoor activities and have not been disapointed once! Great Job!!. Very much apreciate you!

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words, Roger! I really appreciate that and I do my best every day to make the best forecast I can.

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