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Afternoon Wx Update

Storms are struggling. They’re really struggling as they encounter the plateau. That happens so often with these aging lines of storms. Had it fired up closer to us we might have had a bigger threat from storms. Nevertheless, we should remain weather-aware for the next few hours, just in case a storm pops up with gusty winds. The severe t-storm watch expires at 2:00, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see it cancelled earlier.

It’s looking like those of you in Fentress County have been greatly missed by this rain (just a few light showers). That is unfortunate. Fingers crossed something else pops up this afternoon for you all to get some rain. I have a feeling much of northern Cumberland County will experience the same fate.

Those of you south of the interstate in Cumberland County are looking better than anyone for getting rain from this particular system. I hope you all get it.

I had hoped the rain would hold together better, but it is encountering an atmosphere that just does not want to cooperate. Fingers crossed that some of you get rain. Not all of us will.

It continues to look like the hottest air of the season will arrive next week. Nashville is looking at multiple 100-degree days. Be thankful for our mountain! We will likely be in the low (possibly mid) 90s for several days next week. That air will be drier, which will feel less oppressive than the humid airmass we had this week.

You all take care. I’ll update as needed.

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